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Medieval castle in beautiful countryside.
1 to 4 bedroom homes. Swimming pool, tennis, woods...

The historic Castle of Montalto lies in one of the loveliest parts of the Chianti area of Tuscany, very centrally located for art touring.

The nearest village is found at 10 Km (6 miles) from Montalto, public transportation at 6 Km, the major Italian highway (Autostrada del Sole) at 30 Km.

Road distance is 23 Km to Siena, 40 Km to Arezzo and Cortona, 75 Km to Perugia, 80 Km to Florence, 90 Km to the sea, 125 Km to Pisa, 230 Km to Rome.

Montalto is not a hotel.
The owners, who live in the castle and farm an estate of 700 acres, offer part of the castle itself and the carefully restored old houses of its little hamlet for rent to vacationers seeking a quiet country atmosphere.

Eight homes of different size are available.
The houses are tastefully and individually furnished and equipped with cooking and table ware, bed linens and towels.
Most houses haave a private area for outside dining, fireplaces and washing machines.
More information on each can be found by clicking below.

Tenants share use of the swimming pool, tennis court and TV room and are assisted with information on local restaurants and other necessities.
Farm products are for sale to tenants. Housekeeping can be arranged.
Cooking, language and art history lessons can be organized.

Horseback riding is available at the border of the estate on a farm formerly belonging to Montalto.

Rentals are by the week or by the month.
Prices include all utilities, heating, weekly exchange of sheets & towels, sports, and taxes.

Rental houses available:

* Torre del Vescovo ( up to 6/7 people )

* Casa del Guardia ( 6 )

* La Fattoria ( 4 ) (+ 2 in annex )

* Casa di Giocche ( 4 )

* Loggia & San Giovanni ( 8 + 4 + 4 )

* La Scuola ( 2 )

* La Voliera ( 2 )

* San Martino ( 2 )

* Le Muricce ( 5 )

Historical Background: The Castle of Montalto was initially built by a descendant of Berardo, first count of the Berardenga family whose name is reflected in today's township.
The date is uncertain: perhaps as early as the eighth or ninth century AD, certainly by the eleventh.

Faithful to Siena in the on-going struggle for supremacy between that city and Florence, Montalto saw recurrent battles between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries and was repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt.
Eventually the impoverished Berardengas lost the castle to Siena, who refortified it with yet higher walls and maintained a garrison against the Florentines.

After a long siege in 1478, people refused to live at Montalto because of its exposed position. Siena first offered incentives for settlement, then in 1546 ceded the castle and its lands to knight Giovanni Palmieri.
Under whom Montalto became completely autonomous, with the sole obligation of loyalty to the independent republic of Siena.

Soon after, however, Cosimo de' Medici led Florence to victory.
When all of Tuscany became peaceful under Medici domination, Montalto lost its brief independence and the Palmieri descendants turned it into a residential manor, decorating the Hall of Arms with the frescoes of life on the estate's farms that can still be seen today.

Extensive restauration was undertaken in the 19th century and completed in 1908.
Montalto had a population of about 120 at the time of the Second World War, when fighting again raged in the woods during repeated passages of German and Allied troops.
After the war, the little community gradually became depopulated as country people moved into towns, and now only the owners and caretakers live there all year round.

The present owners have been living and farming at Montalto since 1970.
They have added to the castle's interior comfort with modern conveniences, while cherishing the different types of stonework that reveal the castle's long and varied past.

Where we are:

Castello di Montalto
Loc. Montalto, Castelnuovo Berardenga, SI, Italy

Tel. +39 0577355675
Fax. +39 0577355682
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Castello di Montalto Hotel Castelnuovo Berardenga

Castello di Montalto Hotel Castelnuovo Berardenga

Castello di Montalto Hotel Castelnuovo Berardenga

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