Siena is one of the most fascinating cities of Tuscany. It is rich with monuments, museums and architecture that still today tell of its glorious history. Siena must be visited, lived and discovered. Palio’s special character, the inviting and intriguing countryside and the unmistakable Sienese sweet, Panforte, must be experienced..

Siena has a priceless collection of artistic work by great masters, such as Duccio di Buoninsegna, Donatello, Sodoma, Baldassarre Peruzzi, Beccafumi, Pinuricchio, Federico Zuccari, Moroni, Jacopo della Quercia, Giovanni Pisano, Pietro Lorenzeti, Simone Martini: not to mention the furniture, jewels, and paintings from the golden century). Through the centuries they have left their mark on the unforgettable Duomo, the Hospital della Scala, the Palazzo Pubblico and a large number of churches.



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