Siena sits at approximately 322 meters (1072 feet) above sea level in the heart of Tuscany. This hilltop city still has its medieval characteristics with its narrow streets, alleys and its noble buildings, each rich with history.

Siena’s origins are Etruscan. It was a Roman colony by the name of Sena Julia, but the height of its importance was during medieval times. After the Romans it was under the Long bards and then the Carolingio. After a long period of Episcopal domain (IX to XI centuries) Siena reached its height when it became an autonomous City Hall or Republic. (1147). It adopted a political expansionist philosophy towards neighbouring provinces. Conflict with Florence became inevitable, a long war was fought with many triumphs and loses. After a long assault against Siena, in 1555, Siena was conquered by Florence, losing its autonomy and became part of the Grand Duke of Tuscany and sharing Florence’s fate until the unification of Italy in 1861.




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